Sorry SMOKING BONES is now closed.

We are located at a premier location in Salida, Right off Highway 50.

You can pick up your meal for up to 150 people. The food stays hot for 2.5 hours after pick-up as long as the warmers stay sealed.

Events to go? What is that?

In order to keep up with the high demand for Smoking                     Bones Catering, we offer event catering to-go.

It's easier than you think.

We provide everything for you catering buffet.

Hot and cold boxes with your food are easily transferred from your car to your buffet table. We provide chafers to keep the food warm and utensils for serving. All you need are your  tables. plates, napkins and flatware. We can even offer those if needed.

Most clients designate 2 people for pick up, set-up and restock. When everything is picked up, simple instructions are given. The next day is when the items that are not disposable are returned to Smoking Bones. Your food is in aluminum containers so left overs are a cinch. The chafers are easy load with your food and we use a flame-less sterno for extra safety.

We do loads of these each year and they are a huge success.  

The to-go caterings have become one of our most requested offerings. This will save you money in staff and also allow you to be able to get the fabulous Smoking Bones Catering.

We have limited openings so call fast to secure your 2020 event.